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Sports Nutrition Counselling

At Gazelle Nutrition Lab, we want to help make sports nutrition the simplest part of your training regime. We’ll help you figure out which nutrition strategies to use for each training phase, and we’ll do the grunt work mapping out your race day fueling plan. Aha! Nutrition for athletes made easy! We offer nutritional coaching and consulting to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and businesses. Registered Dietitian, Ashley Leone, is both owner and operator of the practice.

Registered Dietitian services are covered by many extended health care plans.

Nutrition Tips for Athletes

Check out our blog for nutrition tips and tricks for fitness and sports performance. Gear up for your best season by tackling your daily diet with new strategies.

Toronto Sports Dietitian

Work with a Registered Sports Dietitian/Nutritionist to use nutrition to help your sports performance. Registered Dietitians are covered by many extended health care plans.

Wellness Recipes

Find wellness and sports food inspiration or try out a new recipe.

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