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Sports Nutrition Counselling

At Gazelle Nutrition Lab, we want to help make sports nutrition the simplest part of your training regime. We’ll help you figure out which nutrition strategies to use for each training phase, and we’ll do the grunt work mapping out your race day fueling plan. Aha! Nutrition for athletes made easy! We offer nutritional coaching and consulting to athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and businesses. Registered Dietitian, Ashley Leone, is both owner and operator of the practice.

sports nutrition for fitness and performance
Nutrition for Fitness and Performance

Gear up for your best and fittest season by incorporating personal nutrition strategies into your plan.

sports nutrition for top performance
Toronto Certified Health Professionals

Work with our Registered Dietitian or we can provide recommendations for certified fitness and rehabilitation professionals to suit your athletic goals.

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Sport Nutrition News

Be on the cutting edge of news in sports nutrition by following us on social media or through our links on our homepage.

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