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Registered Dietitian services are covered by many extended health insurance benefit plans. Bonus!


Looking for help figuring out how to use nutrition to facilitate your fitness goals? You’ve come to the right spot!

Each season, I work one-on-one with a small group of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Through a seasonal nutrition coaching approach, I map out how to use nutrition to facilitate your fitness. Together we will create and execute a nutrition plan that meets each phase of your training. I specialize in nutrition coaching for endurance athletes but, may provide coaching to other athletes subject to availability. If interested, please contact me here.

To find out more about the nutrition services included in a seasonal plan see below:

Seasonal nutrition coaching includes:

Initial consultation

Initial diet analysis

Periodized nutrition strategies:

  • Nutrition guidance for the transition, training, and competition phases of your season
  • Tracking sheet with an imbedded nutrition plan

Individualized use of novel nutrition strategies to meet seasonal goals (e.g. injury recovery, fat loss, endurance capacity, speed)

Ongoing support and feedback

Race week and race day plan

Seasonal nutrition coaching may also include:

Meal plans

Body composition testing

Grocery store tours

Event nutrition support for local events


Sports nutrition consultancy and support opportunities include:


Social media partnerships

Articles for fitness publications


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Nutrigenomics Test & 30-minute consult

Learn how to eat according to your genes. DNA is collected from a saliva sample during a short 15-minute initial appointment. Samples are analyzed by Nutrigenomix®. Once your results are in, schedule a 30-minute follow-up with the dietitian to learn about your test.

  •       Test & follow-up conversation: $425