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Offering insight into your key nutrition strategies for exercise and sports to unlock your full athletic potential. If you are looking for fitness guidance we can provide referrals to coaches, personal trainers, and exercise professionals.

Initial Consult - $120
  • Designed to assess your first steps to a better way of eating. 
  • Confidently use the results of your diet analysis, and written recommendations, to make meaningful diet changes.
  • Appointments available in-person, over the phone, or via video-calling.
Follow-up - $70
  • Designed to give you feedback about your ongoing diet changes.
  • Appointments available in-person, over the phone, or via video-calling.


+Race or Competition Week Planning

Figuring out what to eat, and when to eat, during training and racing is half the battle when you’re looking for performance gains. Let the professionals do the calculator work for you and add a personalized competition day or week plan to your appointment or package.

  • Personalized Race Day Plan:                           $75
  • Personalized Competition Week Plan:          $100*

*Includes race day plan

+Personalized Meal Plans

Meal plans can give you a guide for how you should eat to stay healthy. They are not meant to be followed lifelong but can offer a starting point to forming new habits on your journey to a healthier way of eating. Pricing includes up to two future adjustments of the plan to meet your goals.

  •      Personalized One-Day Meal Plan:   $50
  •      Personalized 3-Day Meal Plan:      $150
  •      Personalized 7-Day Meal Plan:      $300
+Body Composition Testing

Measurements are taken at different sites on your body. We will use tools like a weight scale, skin calipers, and a tape measure to estimate your fat and muscle mass. Please come to the appointment dressed in a tank top and shorts under your clothes.

  •      Test and written report:   $50
+Nutrigenomics Test and 30-Minute Consult

Learn how to eat according to your genes. DNA is collected from a saliva sample during a short 15-minute initial appointment. Samples are analyzed by Nutrigenomix®. Once your results are in, schedule a 30-minute follow-up with the dietitian to learn about your test.

  •       Test & follow-up conversation: $425

The following handouts provide general guidelines rather than individualized recommendations. If you’re handy with a calculator and like to plan things for yourself these handouts are for you!

  •      Race Day Nutrition Plan:   $25
  •      General Meal plan:             $25
  •      Athlete Snack Handout:     $5
  •      On-the-Go Snack list:         $5

Registered Dietitian services are covered by many extended health insurance benefit plans.