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Nutrigenomics and You

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Nutrigenomics and You

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics is new and exciting in the field of nutrition. It is the scientific study of how genes affect our response to foods and nutrients.  It is also the study of how nutrients can affect the expression of particular genes. For some people, it can be helpful for tailoring their diet to suit their individual needs. For example, a nutrigenomics test can identify if a person has a gene variant that makes them more salt sensitive.  This person is more likely to have elevated blood pressure in response to salt in their diet.

What Else Can Gene Testing Tell You?

The field of nutrigenomics is ever expanding. At present this test can give you insight into such things as whether you are more likely to metabolize caffeine slowly and need more vitamin D and omega 3 fats. It allows you to target your nutrition and focus on strategies that are more liable to benefit your individual health.

Is This Test Recommended for Everyone?

This test is expensive. It can act as another tool in your nutrition toolkit, but it is by no means essential. You may not gain extra benefit from this test if you have a healthy blood pressure, eat a healthy well-balanced diet and have a healthy blood profile.

Getting More Information

Interested in learning more?

See the following New York Times article for more on the theory and benefits of this test: A Personalized Diet, Better Suited to You

Nutrigenomics Testing Through Gazelle Nutrition

Sports nutrigenomics testing and general testing are available.  Nutrigenomix® completes the test. Nutrigenomics is a new field of nutrition that looks at how food and food constituents affect our genes and vice versa. This test can offer another element to your sports nutrition plan and may provide guidance about which nutrition strategies are more likely to work for you. The test includes a 30-minute nutrition counselling session.

Ashley Leone

Ashley is a Sports Dietitian and Owner of Gazelle Nutrition Lab. Ashley provides nutrition advice and plans to athletes and everyday active people alike. Her goal is to help fuel your inner athlete and put good sense back into eating. Ashley is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable nutrition specialist with over 20 years of experience.

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