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Meal Plans

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Sports Nutrition Meal Plans

Free Initial Phone Consultation:: 15 minutes

This 15-minute phone consultation allows us to connect prior to meeting to ensure that the services offered are a fit for your sports nutrition consulting needs. We will work together to establish nutrition goals and how they might be achieved.

Individual Consultation - $120/hour

INITIAL IN-OFFICE, PHONE, OR ONLINE NUTRITIONAL ASSESSMENT:: This service is available as one initial session or as a one-time visit. We will work together to look at your diet, assess areas for positive change and strategies to meet your goals. I will review your diet and supplement use as it pertains to your personal and medical needs.

Fee $120/hour.

Individual Follow-Up - $70/half-hour

IN-OFFICE, PHONE, OR ONLINE FOLLOW-UP ASSESSMENT:: This follow-up consultation is available to anyone who has had an initial consultation with Ashley. This is a 20-30 minute appointment to assess where you are with meeting your nutrition goals and to address any obstacles you have encountered. We will also assess what further changes you can make to achieve your optimal health.

Fee $70/half-hour

Consultation Package - $350

PACKAGE OF IN-OFFICE, PHONE, OR ONLINE APPOINTMENTS:: Includes one (1) initial appointment (60 minutes), four (4) follow-up appointments (20-30 minutes each). This package is perfect for the athlete who wants to kick the nutritional aspect of their training into high gear. The package includes an initial diet and energy needs assessment as well as pre-, during and post-training and competition nutrition and hydration strategies.

Fee $350


Is your team or training group looking to get some tips to boost their sport nutrition knowledge? This service is perfect for you. Presentations can be booked to suit the needs and the availability of your group. Some groups may prefer one to three short 15-20 minute sessions before or after practice, others like a 45-minute to 1-hour session, while still others prefer an intense ½ day learning opportunity.

Pricing available upon request.

*Premium Services
  • Grocery shopping tours
  • Meal planning

*Pricing available upon request

Nutrigenomics Package

Sport Gene Test $375.00
45-Gene Test $375.00

Body Composition Test - $50

Curious about your body fat percentage and muscle mass? Body composition analysis is the test for you.  A quick 30-minute session with the dietitian includes simple testing using skin calipers and a measuring tape. You will receive a full report that details your body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass and calorie requirements for your muscle mass. This test is particularly useful when completed at least twice, once at the beginning of a new exercise regime or diet plan and then again a few months into the routine. It gives you great feedback about the positive changes you are making.

Fee $50

Registered Dietitian services are covered by many extended health insurance benefit plans.